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Jailers threw the sack into the sea which allowed Dantes to escape. He then recognized that if a person does take revenge into his own hands, G-d now has a way of punishing him.

The Pasha entrusted Fernand with his wife and daughter. In the very last chapters when the Monte Cristo bids the young man adieu, he states "you who love, and are beloved; you who have faith and hope It is here that not only the author describes Dante as a man filled with hope but also where Dante discusses his own hope as central to his consciousness and well being.

Here Dante discovers hope and discovers that with his newfound knowledge and education he can once more conquer and regain all that is rightfully his.

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He also revealed to him, by hints, that he knows about the illegitimate child whom he fathered, a child whom Villefront had believed to be buried alive. Count of monte cristo term paper sent the Count to jail only because the latter knew that Villefort's father was a Bonapartist.

He wins back Mercedes and her son complies, both realizing the treachery that Fernand did to achieve his wealth. The Count told him to send a letter to where Fernand worked as guard for the Ali Pasha.

Faria is a brilliant man, yet his did not mean to create this desire for vengeance in Dantes.

Count Of Monte Cristo

To that extent, some might consider Dante a hero, thus in the work The Count of Monte Cristo the main character Edmond Dante might almost be considered a hero Engel, Alexandre Dumas has created a timeless classic due to the nature of the story; it manages to stay actual even today.

As Faria helps Dantes to understand the reason behind his imprisonment, the realization of being betrayed by his friends and being a victim of fraudulence wakes his up to reality. Dantes tells him, and Fernand runs to his house, only to find his wife and son leaving forever.

The Count Of Monte Cristo

At the beginning of the novel, Dantes appears as a young, naive and ingenuous man, head over heels in love, with rosy dreams and expectations. In order for the Count to take proper revenge on this man, he recalled Danglars's great lust for power and decided to gradually diminish Danglars' wealth.

This promotion ignites the jealousy of his fellow shipmate Danglars. This is not surprising since just about anyone found himself wanting for revenge, and such a story deals with our basic instincts and human nature as a whole.

Through dedication, conviction, love and a firm grasp on hope above all else, Dante manages to overcome despair and rise above his enemies to reclaim all that rightfully belongs to him.

Monsieur De Villefort Villefort is the type of person, as describe early in the novel, which sacrifice anything to his ambition, even his own father. The extent to which Dante relies on hope is most fervently revealed while he is imprisoned. When he returned to exact vengeance upon his wrongdoers, he believed that if he did so he could return to the life he once had.

Essay/Term paper: The count of monte cristo

He returned as the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo and dazzled all of Paris with his extreme wealth and social graces and also he ingeniously managed to be introduced to the cream of French society, among who he goes unrecognized.

The child lived, however, and was now engaged to Mademoiselle Danglars, who is really his half-sister. Caderousse was a tailor.

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Essay/Term paper: The count of monte cristo

When Faria finally did die, his body was placed in a burial sac. He is imprisoned for fourteen grueling years during his imprisonment he meets another prisoner named Abbe Faria, who teaches Dantes many languages, sciences, history and other subjects, they become like father and son, and when the Abbe was about to die, he revealed to Dantes the hiding place of a long-secret buried treasure consisting of untold wealth, diamond, gold coins, and other precious jewelry.

Now escaped from prison, Caderousse unsuccessfully attempted to rob Monte Cristo.

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But he is facing a dilemma on its own:The Count of Monte Christo: paper example; Term paper writers - Term paper easy; Looking for trustworthy essay writing service? “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The novel is about a sailor named as Edmond Dantes.

The story begins at the time when Dantes bring a ship home. After his return, Monsieur Morrel, who is the owner of the vessel. - The Count of Monte Cristo   The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas, tells the story of a man, Edmond Dantes, a sailor who goes through being betrayed by his enemies and thrown in to a dark prison cell to planning revenge on his enemies.

Perhaps, the Count of Monte Cristo is one of the most well-known novels (and film) in both the Western and some Eastern parts of the globe. The simple but captivating plot of the story shows how Edmond Dantè who has been overwhelmed with difficulties in life, has escaped and become the wealthiest man in Monte Cristo.

The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexandre Dumas Type of Literary Work: Historical Novel This book is an example of a historical Novel. It is historically accurate, and consists of characters that could have existed in the nineteenth century.

The Count of Monte Cristo Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report This story takes place in the early s in Marseilles, France. Edmond Dantes, the main character of the story, is introduced coming into the port aboard the Pharaon, a big ship.

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