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The vast majority are ethnic Swedes, with minorities of Laplanders SamiFinns, Estonians, Latvians, Norwegians, and Danes, and, in the late twentieth century, immigrants from southeastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Supposedly corrupted by foreign influences, the timeless "Swedish values" would be recovered by Swedes in the New World. Christianity was introduced to the Swedes by St.

The growth of these groups was fueled by the waves of immigrants afterand the denominations struggled to keep up with the demand for pastors and congregations.

Swedish-American Archives of Greater Chicago

By aboutmost of central and eastern Sweden was united in the kingdom of the Svear, although this was disputed by their powerful neighbors, the Danes and the Norwegians.

Before non-Lutheran churches were granted toleration in[26] clampdowns on illegal forms of worship and teaching often provoked whole groups of pietists to leave together, intent on forming their own spiritual communities in the new land.

Between and 1, Swedish language newspapers were published in the United States. The immigrant religious denominations were easily the largest and most influential organizations within Swedish America. Europe was in the grip of an economic depression.

Swedish Contributions to America; A Rsum

It was founded by Lutheran pietists in on land purchased from the Kansas Pacific Railroad; the First Swedish Agricultural Company of Chicago spearheaded the colonization.

The largest contingent of such dissenters, 1, followers of Eric Janssonleft in the late s and founded a community in Bishop Hill, Illinois. Sweden's age of glory ended with the rise of Russia, which defeated the Swedes in the Northern War Two Swedish Americans, Captain John Ericsson and Admiral John Dahlgren, revolutionized American naval power during the Civil War with their invention of the iron-clad warship and the modern naval cannon, respectively.

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For some this meant work within the Swedish American community, serving the needs of the immigrants. Over half the Swedish American industrial workers in were occupied in wood and metal working. The Lindsborg plan is representative of growing national interest in ethnic heritage, historic preservation, and small-town nostalgia in the late 20th century.

Many also died in work related accidents. In Sweden, population growth and repeated crop failures were making it increasingly difficult to make a living from the tiny land plots on which at least three quarters of the inhabitants depended.

Two important explanations include the establishment of compulsory basic school in and the strong emphasis the church placed on being able to read.

Swedes dominated the prohibition movement in the town, but this did not open the door to a wider political stage. Many in skilled professions in the wood and metal industries were involved in the formation of craft unions. Sweden felt slighted in the Danish-dominated Union, however, and after a Danish massacre of Swedish nobles inthe Swedes rose against the Danes and, led by King Gustav Vasa, freed themselves from Danish rule in Communitarianism vs.

Cosmopolitanism Essay; Communitarianism vs. Cosmopolitanism Essay. Words 5 Pages. Normative Theories of Politics - Contrasting Cosmopolitan and Communitarian Approaches Essay on Swedish American Contributions to Chicago; Medication Management for Older Adults Essay; Soliloquies in Hamlet by William Shakespeare Essay.

The Black Panther Party Essay; The Black Panther Party Essay. Words 5 Pages. Essay on Swedish American Contributions to Chicago © henrydreher.com ← Go back to bartleby © henrydreher.com ← Go back to bartleby About Us Terms. The newspapers and magazines followed the settlement patterns of the Swedish ethnic group, and the center for the Swedish American press became Chicago, where according to one estimate, Swedish-language periodicals were published.

Swedish American Newspaper Publishing/Svensk-amerikansk tidningsutgivning

The newspapers and magazines followed the settlement patterns of the Swedish ethnic group, and the center for the Swedish American press became Chicago, where according to one estimate, Swedish-language periodicals were published.

(Chicago: Swedish-American Historical Society, ). Paper, pp. The Society’s first historical novel tells the story of Lisa Lindholm, a single Swedish woman who emigrated to America in and her roles in Swedish and Swedish–American.

Swedish emigration to the United States

This essay is based on my recent visit to The Swedish American Museum located in the Andersonville community at S. Clark Street in Chicago, Illinois. In the s the area was considered to be north of Foster and east of Clark was a large cherry orchard, and families had only begun to move into.

Swedish american contributions to chicago essay
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